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Key words
T-rib/ T-lock/T-grip

Requirement Background
1.There are many corrosive chemicals in sewage, such as:
Hydrogen Sulphide, Acids, Alkalis, and highly offensive salts.
2.The corrosive material (such as Inorganic Sulphuric Acid) react with
Hydrogen Calcium Silicates and lime which in the cement, breakdown the concrete pipes.

1. T-rib is a kind of flexible sheet.
2. It can effectively protect the exposed concrete pipe from corrosion.
3. It is based on compounded PE or PVC.

Using area:
1. Sewer, Subway, Chemical pipe, Culvert, Tunnel, Ocean caisson. 
2. Post, Electroplating, Landfill factory, Sewerage factory, Reactive tan (pool), Refine copper (zinc). Storing of foodstuff’s trade

1. Excellent resistance to resistant highly corrosive chemicals gases.
2. T-rib can effectively prevent sanitary bacteria and ever-growing fungus to affect concrete facilities.
3. Change/repair easily. The damaged area can be removed or repaired easily and quickly.

We are the party who named the product of T-rib and Arrow rib in Chinese and we have got the Chinese patents (Patent No.ZL 2012 3 0069229.2, Patent No. NO.ZL 2012 2 0107746.9 Patent No. ZL 2012 2 0107722.3) for both the products of T-lock & Arrow Lock and the equipment used to produce T-lock & Arrow Lock.  All rights including the intellectual properties for both the products of T-lock & Arrow Lock and the equipment used to produce T-rib & Arrow rib in China are reserved by us and protected by Chinese Laws and regulations.  No other party else are allowed to fabricate, market and/or utilize the products of T-rib & Arrow rib and/or the equipment used to produce T-rib & Arrow rib before getting the official approval from us.

Technical Data: 
Data for Material.

Original material

PE, PP or PVC.

Standard of sheet (Normal)



We shall be happy to furnish you with particular size from you request!


As required


1.1m and 2m



Date for sheet



Thickness mm


Melt Index

Around 190>5kilos


around 0.932

Tensile Strength Yield

10 N/mm², min

Tensile Strength Break

15.5 N/mm², min

Elongation at Break

500%, min

Puncture Resistance

176 N/mm, min


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