Paper Bag Production Line

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Key words: 
1. Automatic paper bag making machine.
2. Devoted to this field for more than 20years.
3. Tuber capacity: 140 tubers/minute min.
     Bottomer capacity: 130 bags/minute min.


High-speed Automatic Bottom-pasted Paper Bag Production Line consists of a Tuber and a Bottomer.  The products – Bottom Pasted Paper Bag is widely used to pack powdered materials or granulated materials such as cement, gypsum powder, chemicals and grains.

Technical Data

1. Technical Data for the Tuber

Tube Length

620-1000* mm

Tube Width

340-550* mm

Paper Reel Width (Mm)

1120 max

Paper Reel Diameter (Mm)

1300 max

Compressed Air Consumption (0.8-1.0 Mpa.)

0.7 min. (cbm/min.)

Equipped Power

17.76 Kw

Plies of Paper

4 plies of paper +1 ply of plastic membrane

2. Technical Data for the Bottomer

Bag Length

420-750* mm

Bag Width

380-550* mm

Bag Bottom Width

90-130 mm

Valve Patch Cutting Length

125-240 mm

Valve Patch Cutting Width

120-250 mm

Diameter of Valve Patch Roll (Mm)

1300 max.

Valve Types

3 types:


*Half Valve


*Completed Valve


*Extruded Valve

Compressed Air Consumption (0.8-1.0 Mpa)

1.6 min. (cbm/h)

Equipped Power

21.1 Kw

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