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Key words:
 1. PCCP is used for  high-pressure applications, such as main water transmission lines, sewer force  mains and/or cooling pipelines in power plants.
 2. All the PCCP system is according to AWWA C301, C304--the most popular standards throughout the world.
 3. Types of  PCCP:
 PCCP-E (the embedded-cylinder type) &.  PCCP-L (the lined-cylinder type)

 Prestressed  Concrete Cylinder Pipe: (PCCP) consists of a water-tight steel cylinder  embedded in a concrete core, which is then wrapped with pre-stressed steel wire,  and coated with dense concrete or mortar. The joint consists of precisely-sized  steel bell and profiled spigot, with 1 or 2 O-ring rubber gasket(s) sealing the  joint.

 The most popular  PCCP system is according to AWWA C301, designed according to AWWA C304, and  installed according to AWWA M9. Also, PCCP can be designed and manufactured  according to any other applicable standards.

 The PCCP shall  have the following principal features: a welded steel cylinder with steel joint  rings welded to its ends; for lined-cylinder pipe, a core consisting of a lining  of concrete within the steel cylinder, or for embedded-cylinder pipe, a core  consisting of the steel cylinder encased in concrete; reinforcement consisting  of pre-stressed steel wire wound around the outside of the core in one or more  layers at a predetermined stress and fastened securely at its ends; a coating  of dense mortar covering the core and wire, except for the necessarily exposed  surfaces of the joint rings; and a self-centering joint with 1 or 2 preformed  gasket(s) of rubber, designed so that the joint will be watertight under all  conditions of service. Lined-cylinder pipe shall be used for pipe sizes up to  and including 20 in. (510 mm) and may be used for pipe sizes up to  and including 60 in. (1,520 mm). Embedded-cylinder pipe may be used  for pipe sizes 24 in. (610 mm) through 60 in. (1,520 mm)  and shall be used for larger pipe up to 7000mm (the biggest in the world now). For  embedded-cylinder pipe, at least one third of the total core thickness shall be  outside the cylinder.

Technical Data:

Diameter    range


Working    pressure


Types of    PCCP


Mainly in the middle and big diameters.


Mainly in the small diameters.

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