Service &. Consultation

What can we do?
Our customers are very satisfied with our turn-key project services.
We are a professional and effective team who can provide as follows:

Pre-sale services
Site visitsIf you’d like to have a direct view, feeling and/or idea the about equipment you want to set up, we may show you sites of our users.
Feasibility ConsultancyBefore setting up a new factory, there might be many factors unknown. We can assist you to study the feasibility upon our professional knowledge and experience.
Equipment selection Your requirements are unique. We’d like to provide a right machine just for you.
Mill planningKindly suggestions can be offered on the civil work, planning of the workshop and/or all the factory planning. 

Selling services
Equipment manufactureWith our professional facility, we design and fabricate the quality equipment selected by you.
Test-run before shipping To ensure that everything is correct, we will test-run the machine before packing and delivering it.
International shippingAfter a successful test-run, we will ship the equipment to the sea port named by you.
Installation, debugging, test-run and training on-siteOur engineers and technicians will go to your site to instruct you to erect, debug and test-run the equipment until the machine can run smoothly according to the S/C.  The Buyers’ operators may work together with us, which will make them understand the machine more.  We will train them to operate and maintain the equipment.  Before the Buyers’ operator become able to handle the equipment themselves, we are available all the time. 

After-sale Services
Technical support In case of any technical requirement on the equipment and/or the production, we will support you professionally.
Maintenance guidanceMaintenance is very important to equipment during its life.  We will instruct you for the maintenance.
Trouble shooting guidanceIf case of any technical problems that can not be settled by the Buyers’ operator, we are always beside you.
Spare parts and raw materials supply If the Buyers require any spare part and or any raw material for the production, we will serve you upon our rich experience.